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Concrete Candle (Natural) - Take a Hike

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Take the beautiful, organic design of these concrete candle vessels, add in the crackling wooden wick and signature JG scents and the ambience=unmatched.

Staying home never smelled or sounded better.

5 oz one wooden wick


➕ Berry, Pine and Cedarwood

Candle Info: 

➕ Natural Coconut Soy Wax

➕ Scented with premium fragrance oil + essential oil

Please note lighting these wooden wicks are different from our other wicks. The best technique is to tilt at an angle to let the flame draw across the length. 

It also may take several tries to get it lit/relit! It does not mean your wick is defective by any means. After it has been lit once it is a lot easier to relight. 

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