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Kacadas Story

In our time-scarce society, experiences have become a luxury:  beauty and personal care products are no exception.  If a hair product doesn’t make you want to run your fingers through your OWN hair; or a bath wash doesn’t feel like a luxurious decadence; or your lipstick doesn’t feel like you’re equally prepared for the boardroom, the runway or a night of passion – throw them out.


Your time is valuable; you deserve products that excite, calm and soothe your body, mind and senses:  that’s mindful beauty.

Our Mission


encourages people to be intentional, thoughtful and deliberate in their selection of beauty and wellness products and their use.

We aim to counteract flawed media mantras of beauty at any expense by highlighting the value of being a mindful consumer who is:
INTENTIONAL and discriminating about the ingredients used in their skincare, makeup, hair care, bath and other personal care products;
THOUGHTFUL about how product ingredients are sourced and the values of the companies who produce them;
DELIBERATE in product interactions; willing to take a moment to slow down, lean in and be present in the experience.

Our Standards

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