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Our Story

Our Founder 


Welcome! I’m Margo; wife, mother, grandmother and dog whisperer to canines everywhere.


I’ve been transitioning from a 30+ year career as an IT Management Consultant with my own company, to being the Founder and Owner of Kacadas.  The journey has confirmed that I am a person who is passionate about connections!  I believe that things happen for a reason; that even though we’re individuals we’re all connected to each other and something larger than ourselves.  This connectedness implies certain responsibilities to help each other when we have need, when it's in our power to do good.  In action, that might look like extending a hand and ear to someone who's been knocked down by life and struggling with feelings of hopelessness and despair; to reminding young girls that their beauty is not defined by what they see on the pages of fashion magazines, but by the magic they exude from within.


After leaving chemical hair relaxers behind 10+ years ago, I began to understand their detrimental impact on our hair and scalp.  This made me curious about my other personal care products.   I was surprised to learn that many chronic illnesses – endometriosis, fibromyalgia; reproductive and fertility issues; and even certain cancers are linked to the products we use each day.  I began to make “clean swaps” on items used in my daily regimen while demainding high-performing products, made with non-toxic ingredients, in a moderate price range.  After doing so, I needed to connect with other people to make them aware as well and share what I'd learned.


Kacadas was born and my team and I still hold to these same principles.


You deserve personal care products that encourage you to slow down – experience the silky, luxurious feel of them on your skin; the therapeutic aromatherapy provided as you apply them your body; and every tingling sensation given when applied to your scalp.  These moments are what we call Mindful Beauty – you’re worth it; slow down, make thoughtful choices – we can help. 


In Good Health,



Our Team

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