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During a visit to Costa Rica over 10 years ago, we were struck by the way Costa Ricans live out the national motto Pura Vida – loosely translated as a pure life, a full life or real living.  At Kacadas, we also espouse and strive for a simple and pure life, lived to the fullest. We were created for  more:  why settle? Pura Vida!


Five ways to use Coconut Oil

by Margo Carter June 15, 2017

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Instagram GIVEAWAY Time! 

by Margo Carter May 04, 2016

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We're Committed!

Kacadas is committed to discovering and providing our customers the purest and finest in truly healthy natural, organic, vegan and eco-friendly beauty products.  This commitment enables us to offer choice selections in natural hair care, body care, skin care and beauty accessories.

We are a knowledgeable, innovative and unique source for natural beauty and personal care products.    We’ve done the research to ensure the ingredients in our products are always natural and in many cases certified organic and vegan.  Our products contain ingredients so nourishing, that they truly are food for your skin!

We invite you to shop our products that run the gamut from those with a touch of whimsy to the epitome of luxury – personally selected as they were crafted with the same philosophy as ours:  that the best life is one lived naturally . . . .