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Face Serum, Face Oil or Both?

Face Serum, Face Oil or Both?

Oct 20th 2021

While they may seem similar, facial serums and face oils each have their own set of skin care advantages. They can be used separately or layered to work together. But the fundamental difference between the two comes down to the composition of their formulas.

Face serums target specific skin concerns, contain a high concentration of actives, are traditionally water-based and have a low molecular weight. Serums have active ingredients in them that you want to penetrate deeply as possible into your skin. Actives can address skin concerns such as fine lines/wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dullness, acne, etc.

A serum’s composition is unique because in addition to containing powerful actives, they have a low molecular weight which means they can penetrate the skin much deeper than heavier lotions, oils and creams.

For these reasons, it is common to see a higher price tag on serums compared to other skincare products. It’s important to remember that serums are truly treatment products and because they are powerhouse products, only a very small amount is necessary in application – a little goes a very long way! Because of the number of different skin care concerns serums address, everyone can benefit from adding a face serum into their product line-up. Here are a few of our favorite Serums.

Face oils are extracted from fruit, seeds and nuts, and packed with essential nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Different from a serum, face oils are occlusive and have a high molecular weight. However, they hold an important place in a skincare routine just like serums. Oils are particularly effective because many mimic the skin’s natural sebum production. The occlusiveness of oils mean that they lock treatment products as well as hydration into the skin and prevent them from escaping while also offering protection from environmental stressors. There are different oils for different needs and skin types. Essential fatty acid rich oils can help fight aging or dry skin. Oils rich in vitamin A can help reduce the inflammation associated with acne or rosacea. Combo/oily skin types can and should use facial oils, too. Try rosehip or pomegranate oil. Facial oils are wonderful moisturizers. Think of them as an alternative to a water-based, cream moisturizer or as an additional layer in your moisture routine. Face oils add barrier protection and superficial hydration, sinking into the skin just enough to add a mega dose of moisture to the topmost layer.

We love the suppleness oils give to the skin and a facial oil glow is always gorgeous. Here is the lineup of face oils we offer in our store.


Apply face serums to freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin once or twice daily (according to the label). Start by warming the serum between your palms. This will bring it to your skin’s temperature, so that it accepts it immediately. Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute the product evenly over your face and neck, while gently giving yourself a face massage.


Facial oils should always be applied last in your routine. The only exception to this would be in your morning routine where sunscreen would be applied on top for maximum sun protection. The high molecular weight of oil does not allow other products to penetrate through it very well. For this reason, you should always apply your toners, serums, and cream moisturizers first. Then, create that hydrating, protective barrier with your facial oil. If your skin isn’t too dry, feel free to use an oil in place of a cream rather than layering or pair a light cream with a light oil. 2-4 drops is plenty. Warm the oil in your hands and massage or press into the skin.

Adding a face oil, a face serum or both into your everyday skin care routine will improve the overall health and appearance of your complexion. The two can be used on their own as a singular beauty treatment, or layered for customized results. Call, e-mail or visit our store and we can help find the perfect combination that delivers optimal results.

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