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Hydrosol - S. African Tea Tree

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Get healthier skin with a daily dose of S. African Tea Tree Beauty Water or two. Tea tree essential oil is scientifically documented to effectively combat bacteria and fungus. Applied straight to the skin tea tree oil can be a little potent. This beauty water is the water that is used to distill tea tree essential. It maintains the benefits of tea tree oil without being so pungent. This means that it can be used on a regular basis to help skin fight off blemish causing bacteria before they attack. S. African Tea Tree Beauty Water can be used as a toner. Instead of water, try S. African Tea Tree Beauty Water in your powdered mask.

Spray on skin 2-3 times a day to help reduce bacteria.
Spritz into your favorite Shea Terra Organics face mask to use as liquid.
Spritz on face and lightly wipe with organic cotton ball for toner.

Size: 4 oz

Contains only: Pure distilled tea tree water, potassium sorbate

*Item may say Beauty Water or Hydrosol due to packaging changes*

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