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Grace Eleyae

Home of the original (satin lined cap)®, Grace Eleyae makes hair protection easy without compromising time or style. The perfect "get up and go" accessories. Just slip them on and go.

Dedicated to fighting dry hair, bedhead, and time consuming styling, Grace Eleyae luxury hair protecting products can be seamlessly seen as an elegant and stylish addition to any home and to any outfit. They help multi-tasking women save a ton of time getting ready in the morning, keeping her hairstyle longer and ensuring her hair is healthy, in place, moisturized and tangle-free.

Grace Eleyae’s goal is to provide women with confidence by offering solutions for the busy multi-taskers who want to look and feel confident while investing in being their best, most beautiful selves.

Luxury hair protection that actually works.  Protect and nourish your hair anytime, anywhere.