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Ardell Professional Naked Lashes 423

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Add effortless beauty without adding extra weight with Ardell’s Naked Lash in 423. These lashes are extra soft, designed with a delicate black shade that creates a natural wispy, fanned-out volume that really showcases your eyes.  They work well for a casual but stunning daytime look and can transition to comfortable yet dashing lash wear for special occasions.

  • Feels Natural: Features the lightest, most natural-looking lashes and will quickly become an everyday favorite. Each lash is made with extra soft and genuine-looking fibers and tailored with thinner and finer tips to create a more natural and spontaneous effect. Compliments both bare-faced looks and evening make-up styles so you can elegantly change from day to night!
  • Airy and Super-Lightweight: These lashes are ultra-lightweight with a unique feathery texture that mimics the pattern of natural lashes - you’ll almost forget adding extra in there! The silky-smooth texture will let you flaunt your gorgeous eyes without the awkward lash line and lash movements. Looks and feels so natural, they work just like your very own!
  • Flared Lash Style: Feature a slight flare with shorter fibers in the inner corner and slightly longer fibers at the outer edge. This lash design fans out ever so slightly on the outer edges and is perfect for those looking to spotlight their eyes with lashes that are not too long or dramatic. Perfect for if you don't want to wear mascara or have time for dramatic makeup!
  • Nailed-On, Invisiband: Ultra-lightweight, flexible lash line tape with a natural finish. The lash band is specially made to create a seamless transition from your lids to your lashes, giving the appearance of beautiful lush, and healthy lashes. It makes it easier to get the right fit on all eyes without having to do a lot of work.

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