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Pink Rhinestone Metallic Studded Pepper Spray

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This product is sold in-store only. Please call (443)881-8121 with any questions.

Pink rhinestone case with gold key chain clip and charm.

  • Comes with a standard 1/2 ounce pepper spray
  • 10% OC spray concentration / 2MM SHU
  • Size and strength is legal in all most states
  • Case is refillable
  • Powerful, non-lethal personal protection
  • Clips to keychain, purse, backpack, or dog leash
  • Pepper spray can be used to deter aggressive dogs

Size: 0.5 oz

10% OC concentration pepper spray, Pink rhinestone case, Gold key chain

Most states do restrict the sale of pepper spray to minors, so please be sure you are over the age of 18 if you are purchasing or carrying a blingsting.

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