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Essential Oil - Madagascar Fresh Ginger

Malagasy Fresh Ginger Essential Oil is like no other ginger oil on the market. Really distilled from fresh ginger rhizomes, Fresh Ginger Essential Oil smells like freshly cut ginger. Freshly picked ginger is always a welcoming aroma in an African bazaar. Unlike ginger essential oil commonly made in China from dried ginger, in Madagascar the essential oil is distilled from fresh ginger root.

How to Use

  • Sniff to increase appetite
  • Sniff to calm upset stomach
  • Add few drops to Shea Nilotik' Oil to use for warming massage oil
  • Add a few drops to Shea Nilotik' and organic brown sugar for a warming scrub
  • Add to room diffuser to scent air with refreshing aroma 
  • Add few drops to hot bath for relaxing bath

Ingredients:  100% pure, steam distilled, Certified Organic Malagasy Fresh Ginger essential oil

Size: 10 ml

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