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Skin Care

Essential Oil - Malagasy Ylang Ylang Extra

One of the most seductive, intoxicating flowers in the world, ylang ylang flowers produce a sweet, floral essential oil.  Ylang Extra, the Queen of Ylang oils, is super sweet with a jasmine like aroma. Only a few flowers are available to produce the Extra oil. It is so rare and costly that often times companies sell inferior oils in its place using the Extra name. But the nose knows. 

How to Use

  • Add few drops to hot bath to relax and destress
  • Add a drop to hair oil to fragrance hair and produce shine
  • Add to Shea Terra Organics' Shea Nilotik' Oil to make a relaxing/ seductive massage oil
  • Add to room diffuser to fragrance room

Ingredients:  100% pure, steam distilled, Certified Organic Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil

Size: 10 ml

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