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Large Wool Sponge

  • Slip into the bath and start soaping yourself with a natural sea sponge, and you'll understand why it's a perfect bathing accessory. Natural sponges produce extraordinary lather and cleanse most excellently. Wool sponges are the traditional soft, sensual, luxurious bath sponge used since the heyday of the Roman Empire by bathing aficionados.

  • Natural sea sponge

    Size: Approximately 5.5 in
  • Harvested by hand in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Sponges are cut from the ocean floor and grow back in 5-7 years.

    How to care for your sponge: Simply squeeze out water and keep in a dry place in your bathroom. These wonderful sponges are naturally resistant to bacterial growth. If, for some reason, your sponge needs freshening, you can soak for 24 hours in a very mild bleach solution (1 tsp per gallon).