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Chocolate & Rose Hips Beauty Masque (Anti-oxidant Power)

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What better way to combat the constant attack of free radical scavengers than with chocolate and rose hips? Combining two of a women's best friend, this mask works as good as it smells while helping to fight off damage due to sun, chemicals, and aging.

Shea Terra combined real, organic chocolate in its purest form with our proprietary blend of herbs to create a powerhouse of anti-oxidants. Rose hips fruit helps soothe and reverse appearance of aging and sun exposure. Baobab fruit for a boost of vitamin C. There is even rose hips CO2 and seabuckthorn oil to aid with cell regeneration and repair. The result can often be smoother, softer skin with less visible damage.

USDA certified organic vegetable glycerin, USDA certified organic chocolate liquor, Moroccan lava clay, ground rose hips, baobab fruit powder, certified organic rose hips oil, kigelia Africana, licorice root, certified organic cinnamon powder, turmeric powder, rose hips CO2, seabuckthorn oil

Size: 5 oz

Apply layer of mask to face. Leave on 15 to 30 minutes. Wash off with tepid water. Use once a week.

Organic chocolate liquor: teeming with anti-oxidants to help soften skin

Organic vegetable glycerin: pulls moisture to skin to help improve moisture level

Moroccan lava clay: detoxes skin/ helps to repair skin damage

Ground rose hips: provides skin with a helping boost of healing, anti-aging vitamin C

Baobab fruit powder: provides skin with a helping boost of vitamin C in a form that is readily available and not denatured like vitamin C found in creams

Kigelia Africana: helpful boost of anti-oxidants/ helps repair skin/ helps firm skin/ soothing

Licorice root: helps break down cells which cause uneven skin tone and discoloration

Cinnamon powder: packed with anti-oxidants/ helps stimulate cell reproduction

Turmeric powder: powerful anti-oxidant

Rose hips CO2: aids in cellular turn over and healthy cell reproduction

Seabuckthorn oil: helps stimulate healthy cell reproduction/ helps repair damaged cells

Apply layer of mask to face. Leave on 15 to 30 minutes. Wash off with tepid water. Use once a week.

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