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Five ways to use Coconut Oil

by Margo Carter June 15, 2017

Coconut oil isn’t just for cooking; it was a wide array of health benefits too!  Here are five of our favorites:

  • Nourishes Hair: this nourishing oil has been used for centuries in hair and its unique fat composition makes it especially beneficial as it conditions, strengthens, and repairs hair. Massage it in and rinse it out after ten minutes. A small amount can be rubbed into dry hair to tame frizz or lock in moisture.
  • Moisturizes Skin: Its natural antioxidant properties make it great for stopping wrinkles and skin irritation. It is also a great way to soften and hydrate rough, dry skin.
  • Improves Digestion: Coconut oil’s concentration of beneficial fats in coconut oil makes it helpful for digestion. Its antimicrobial properties can help fight irritation and infection in the gut from Candida.
  • Protects Lips: Coconut oil hydrates and protects lips. Coconut oil even offers some protection from the sun, about an SPF 4.
  • Balances Hormones: Getting the wrong kinds of fats can create havoc on hormones. Coconut oil contains specific fats that support the body’s natural hormone production.

We have several products that prominently feature Coconut Oil as an ingredient.  Here are just a few:

Margo Carter
Margo Carter