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Aromatherapy… On the Go!

August 22, 2018

Aromatherapy… On the Go!

Ahh.. essential oils. Many of us have learned the limitless benefits of essential oils and their many uses. These oils are truly magical. From bug bites to bruises, there is an oil or blend that can help heal and soothe. In addition to topical application, diffusing has become a very popular way to reap the benefits of oils. Of course, they smell beautiful, but why should we smell them?

Well, it’s not so much about smelling but more about inhaling. Our bodies can actually absorb the many beneficial properties of oils through inhalation. Feel a headache coming on? Diffuse peppermint essential oil. Trouble sleeping? Diffuse lavender essential oil. Need a boost of energy? Diffuse any citrus essential oil.  Diffusing spreads these oils through the air of a room or home. Another way to inhale the benefits is to take a deep whiff right from the bottle.

For on-the-go purposes, aromatherapy beads have truly made diffusing possible no matter where you are and with style! Whether in the car, a yoga class, or at the office, we can enjoy aromatherapy. Lava stone is a black, porous stone that absorbs essential oils beautifully. Made into a bead and strung alone or with other gemstones, these stones have become mobile diffusers.

 How to use Aromatherapy Beads:

  • Pick the essential oil you would like to use or a few to create a blend
  • With the tip of your finger, apply a small amount of the oil to 2-4 of the beads. You can also put the drops on a plate and dip the beads into them if you prefer not to have direct skin contact with them.
  • Allow the oil to dry on the bead
  • Wear them anywhere you go! Enjoy your oils throughout the day. You can bring the beads close to your nose and take deep inhales as well.
  • Reapply oils to beads as needed.

Our handmade Aromatherapy/DIffuser Bracelets are strung with a variety of stones including Lava Stone, Howlite, Picture Jasper, Amazonite, and Magnesite.

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