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5 After-sun Skincare Essentials

5 After-sun Skincare Essentials

Sep 1st 2021

Our skin goes through a lot for us on a daily basis. She puts up with pollution, dry climates, dust and debris, and UV rays. A solid skincare routine is essential and, you guessed it, must include a good SPF. We are happy to be the hundredth reminder you’ve gotten to wear daily sun protection! Yes, it really is that important.

It’s also important that you care for your skin after being in the sun. We need to nourish and hydrate the skin and even repair if it’s been sunburned. Incorporating after-sun products into your skincare routine can help fight damage, aging, and dryness caused by sun exposure. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too!

Here are our favorite after-sun products:

1. Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera has been shown to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery of burns caused by excessive heat. It is the key ingredient for repairing skin damaged by sunburn. Aloe is also wonderful because it is deeply hydrating. Skin will soak it up after a long day in the sun and thank you for it. Be careful when looking for aloe vera gel. Often times aloe gel is mixed with water, coloring, or alcohol. We love Shea Terra Organic’s Cape Aloe Topical Healing Gel - pure, effective, and soothing. Tip: Keep your aloe in the fridge to get a cooling effect.

2. Kigelia

Kigelia or the “Sausage Fruit” is renowned for its skincare benefits. Shown to fight free-radical damage and signs of aging as well as moisturize, and aid in cellular repair. This extract is an after-sun must. Sun exposure can increase signs of aging and cause dark spots to form. Brighten and repair your skin by using products containing pure Kigelia extract. This cleanser and creme combo is infused with Kigelia and Licorice extracts to give your skin the after-sun TLC it needs.

3. Vitamin E

Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E fights off free radicals to help protect our skin from sun damage (although it is not a replacement for SPF.) It is soothing, hydrating, and has been shown to aid in burn healing and lightening discoloration of the skin. Vitamin E is beneficial both throughout sun exposure and after. The ph7 Facial Mist is an easy way to refresh the skin and get that much needed boost of Vitamin E - just throw it in your beach bag!

4. Vitamin C

A good Vitamin C serum in an after-sun essential. Vitamin C fights free radicals (see a pattern here?), can lighten dark spots and slow the formation of new ones, and when layered under sunscreen can provide added protection. Using a Vitamin C serum daily can also help strengthen the skin and boost collagen production. The Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum is one of our favorites and its packed with other wonderful ingredients like hyaluronic acid and chamomile extract.

Photo: Mad Hippie

5. Calendula

All Good Goop is full of organic calendula which soothes dry, irritated skin and speeds up wound healing. Goop also contains moisturizing oils and essential oils that can help nourish the skin and relieve the stinging that comes along with sunburn. This is the perfect remedy when you are more than just a bit red and have crossed over to tender, flaky sunburn. The sun also takes a toll on our lips. Applying a thin layer of Goop to lips after sun exposure helps keep them soft and can prevent chapping.

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