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Black Out!!! Blemish Wash

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Got blemishes? Skin prone to breakouts? Tired of using chemicals that do more harm to your skin than good? Blast blemishes with Black Out!!! Blemish Wash. Shea Terra turned up the notch on their original black soap blemish wash, after years of raving reviews from people suffering mild to cystic acne. Black Out!!! Blemish Wash combines the powers of willow bark and camwood (osun) with their authentic African black soap formula. The combination works at the root of the problem while creating a skin environment that blemishes hate and assists in resurfacing and smoothing the skin.

Pure spring water, African black soap (plantain ash, cacao ash, camwood, palm kernal oil), certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (electrocuted salt- what turns oil and water into soap), mineral salts, willow bark

Size: 4 oz

Apply layer of soap to face. Allow to sit five minutes. Rinse off. Repeat. Second time use palms and fingers to thoroughly work off dead skin. Rinse well. Use daily. After few weeks can usage can be decreased to 2-3 times weekly.

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